Why Is There Stigma Against Escorts

The profession of escorting, the people that are practicing escorting are certainly use to having people look down on them and also they are used to facing a lot of hardships. They actually should not be facing such issues, but they do anyway, and that is sad indeed. Although sex workers around the planet are always being discriminated against, the law still remains controversial and unchanged in a lot of places in the world. But the stigma, as everyone would know, is a mark of disgrace and also proves to be a social discrediting. It also becomes problematic because the identity of these people is marred, and the sex workers cannot exactly walk around in public like nothing wrong is going on.

We asked our good friends over at what they think about Birmingham escorts and how they are perceived. Their answers will enlighten you I am sure.

There are so many narratives of sex work, and they have been deemed undesirable, and most sex workers face a lot of hardships, and they also become victims of cultural imagination, and that imagination makes people think horrible things about them.

There is an instance that happened recently, that I witnessed and here it is.

There was a sex worker that was going about her business and shopping in a store. Someone found out that she is an escort and made lewd comments towards her, and that became a huge issue. Naturally, she stood up to the person who made those comments, and an issue began. The police were called, and just because she was an escort, the police did not believe her side of the story and this way, they are discriminated in so many ways. It is indeed really preposterous that they are treated inferior to others. They should be treated the same in the eyes of the law as they are human beings as well.

Some research proves that sex workers face a lot of issues. Here are a few:

–    Sex workers have reported that their Airbnb accounts were suspended and their PayPal accounts were shut down and they were also banned from advertising.

–    There have been many instances where they were thrown out of some places because of their profession.

–    It is not surprising that these things actually happen in place where there aren’t any strip clubs or casinos.

–    If you went to Las Vegas, you would see a lot of issues regarding escorts because it is legal in the state of Nevada.

–    The public will always find a way to have a stigma against certain kinds of people, and there is not much the sensible people can do about it.

–    The people need to understand that it is their lives and they get to lead it however they want to, and the public should not have a say in that.

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